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Racing Straps Now In Stock

Racing Strap Brown

Browsing through watch catalogs from the 1970’s, you’ll find a wide variety of racing chronographs. Most famous are perhaps the Heuer chronographs and Omega Speedmaster models, but also lesses known models (but nevertheless interesting) like those Yema Rallye watches for example are worth investigating. A chronograph that was meant as a racing watch, should also be worn on a nice racing strap. We added two racing straps to our collection, a 20mm brown and 20mm black strap. Perforated calf leather of the highest quality from Italy, with a 16mm buckle.

Click here to go directly to the product page of these racing straps.

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NASA Velcro Strap for your Speedmaster

NASA Velcro Strap

We had to restock our NASA Velcro Straps (20mm) as the first batch sold out very quickly. Our new stock is running out quickly as well, so be in time to place your order. The NASA Velcro straps come in three colours: Brown, Beige and Grey. They come in one size, but any wrist 6.5″ and larger will be fine. Spice up your Moonwatch, X-33 or other 20mm lug-sized Speedmaster with our NASA Velcro Strap.

These straps are easy to put on your watch, just slide them under neath the 20mm pushpins and pull the strap in your desired position. You can mix and match with the various colours we are offering, see below for an example.

Go directly to our ordering page for the NASA Velcro strap.

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New collection arrived – NATO, NASA and other straps!

We are very pleased that our new collection has arrived. We re-stocked some of the straps and we have some cool new additions in different sizes. We are very happy with the look and feel of these new straps, like the NATO, NASA and blue suede variations.

Below a picture with a selection of the new straps, available in our web shop!


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New Straps & New Sizes

We love to make beautiful pictures of all our new straps with fantastic watches. We get a lot of visits and the sales of our watch straps are a success! We are very happy with that. Because of this success, we have ordered a second batch of new straps in Italy. In this batch we also have ordered the very nice grey suede straps with orange stitching, which was sold out very quickly before. We also ordered new straps in – for us – new sizes.

New Straps

New Sizes

We get a lot of great comments on our website and receive cool pictures. We also received emails with questions about the sizes of the watch straps. Many of you would like to have a beautiful handmade strap in other sizes than 19mm and 20mm. That is why we are now about to order new straps with different sizes as well (18mm and 22mm). Please keep your eyes on our website, Facebook and Instagram channels to see when other sizes will be available in our web shop. We keep you posted!

New Straps

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Perfect Companion For Your Speedmaster – New Or Vintage

Perfect Companion For Your Speedmaster – New Or Vintage

Our 20mm (and 19mm in some cases) straps are the perfect companion for your Omega Speedmaster ‘Moonwatch’, whether it is a new reference or a vintage one. Below, you’ll find the Speedmaster reference 145.012-67 on our brown vintage leather strapin the center is a Speedmaster reference 145.022-69 with a camel leather strap and on the right is a modern Speedmaster reference 3570.50 with our black leather strap. All straps have the off-white stitching.

With these straps you can give your modern Speedmaster a more vintage look & feel, and on vintage watches it underlines the production era of the Speedmaster. The straps are soft and comfortable on the wrist, have leather lining (inside) and suit most wrists. More details on the straps can be found on the product pages.

Most Speedmaster (Professional) watches have a 20mm lug width, older models (105.003 and older references) have a 19mm lug width. If you are not sure about your watch, make sure to measure before you order.

Prices start at 59 Euro (including shipping, world wide) and come, of course, with a steel buckle.

Perfect Companion For Your Speedmaster
Speedmaster references 145.012-67, 145.022-69, 3570.50

Go here for the shop.